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The Cirque Magique Philosophy

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Cirque Magique 2016 - Mainstage

A wonderful setting in which every one is invited. Explore your inner artist, Become the Magic! Music, sound, light, decoration, animation, food & drinks, camping...

Cirque Magique offers top quality at all levels.

A fine selection of the best underground electronic music: from floaty house to pounding techno;
A surreal journey from the past to the future.

However, Cirque Magique isn't about DJ's & performers only... Together, as one, we hold the potential to create something exceptionally wonderful, magical & unique.

We challenge every single one of you to fully participate in this amazing show... YOUR SHOW!


Release the lion, roar with power!
Have the grace & skill of an acrobat.
Dance your most daring moves.

Be funny & creative, like a clown, put a smile on people's faces. Be the magician, amaze, pull your very best trick out of your hat... Forget for a moment who you are... Connect with your most pure, expressive self!

The possibilities are infinite.