About the Magique

The Magique Philosophy

Cirque Magique 2016 - Mainstage

A wonderful setting in which every one is invited. Explore your inner artist, Become the Magic! Music, sound, light, decoration, animation, food & drinks, camping...

Cirque Magique offers top quality at all levels. A fine selection of the best underground electronic music: from floaty house to pounding techno; A surreal journey from the past to the future.

However, Cirque Magique isn't about DJ's & performers only... Together, as one, we hold the potential to create something exceptionally wonderful, magical & unique.

We challenge every single one of you to fully participate in this amazing show... YOUR SHOW!

So... Release the lion, roar with power!
Have the grace & skill of an acrobat.
Dance your most daring moves.

Be funny & creative, like a clown, put a smile on people's faces. Be the magician, amaze, pull your very best trick out of your hat... Forget for a moment who you are... Connect with your most pure, expressive self!

The possibilities are infinite.


Friday: Amare, Clerkie, Endove, Jaydee, Ode Maen & Massaar, Paul Ritch, Simon & Masian // Saturday: Amare, Ben Sims & Truncate, Bolle, Die Clique, Dimitri Andreas Live, DJ Ghost, DVS1, Frank Biazzi, Grandmaster Flush, HS, Insider Live, Jaydee, Lauwie, Lebawski, Leesa, Michael Forzza, Mike Thompson, Miss Kittin, Nicole Moudaber, Oliver Koletzki, Oscar Mulero, Pfirter, Quikness, René Opsedee, Spacid, Steve Cop, Sven Van Hees, Sven Väth, Trish, TRiXY, Winner DJ Contest, Youri Parker // Sunday: Adrian, Amare, CP, Dimitri Cooman, DJ George's, Grandmaster Flush, Konstantin Sibold, Laurent Top, Lauwie, Lebawski, Locked Groove, Luciano, Mainro, Mano Le Tough, Marek Hemmann Live, Marko de la Rocca, Mathias Kaden, Monika Kruse, Mr. Sam, Nick Bril, Nico Morano, Phi Phi, Quikness, Quincy, René Opsedee, Roman Fl├╝gel, Sheridan, Smith Davis, Zolex


Friday: Deejames, Jaydee, Joyhauser, Ode Maen & Massaar, Sheridan, Simon & Mesian // Saturday: Adrian, Agugio, Alain Faber, Alexander Koning, Bolle, Charlotte de Witte, Dimitri Andreas, Dimitri Cooman, DJ Ghost, Djebali, Frank Biazzi, Franky Jones, Jan Van Biesen, Johannes Heil, Mainro B2B Péo Watson, Matthew Dear, Mike Thompson, Nukov & Yelmet, Perc & Truss, Philippe Traikos, Pilose, Porn George, Rebekah, René Opsedee, Spacid, Speedy J, Stephan Bodzin, Steve Cop, wAFF, Yeti, Youri Parker, Yves Deruyter, Zolex, Zzino // Sunday: Adriatique, Agents of Time, Andhim, Clerkie, CP, Damian Lazarus, De Sluwe Vos, DJ George's, Gayrald, Koodoo & Lamaz, Laurent Top, Lebawski B2B Nelson, M.I.K.E. aka Push, Marko de la Rocca, Michael Forzza, Monika Kruse, Mr. Sam, Nico Morano, Olivier Pieters, Phi Phi, Pig&Dan, Porn George, Quincy, René Opsedee, Super Flu, Tofke


Friday: Sven Tasnadi, ILARIO LIBURNI b2b Deltano, Mainro, Clerkie, Endove, Tremenzz // Saturday: Dubfire, Technasia, Hobo, Carlo Lio, Marco Faraone, Francesca Lombardo, Chris Tietjen, Yves Deruyter, Be Svendsen live, Maksim Dark live, Igor Vicente, Dimitri Andreas, Flapjackers, Index, ABSURD live, Dimi, Cosmo, Dj-bolle, Olivier Pieters, QUINCY, Bountyhunter, Zolex Live, Youri Parker, Franky Jones, Fanpage, Dj Ghost, Mike Thompson & Alan Faber, Felix La Band live, Candice Heyns, Kenny Raw Musicpage, Ishtar b2b LaMaz, Masian // Sunday: Nic Fanciulli, Matador live, Dominik Eulberg b2b Gabriel Ananda, Paul Ritch, Jaydee, Jam & Spoon, Joran van Pol, SHADED live, Uone, AMyn live, Ode Maen & Massaar, LIMITS, Chantal, WHIZZ, Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rossetti, Martin Maler live, Laurent Top, QUINCY, MARKO DE LA ROCCA, Mr Sam, Michael Forzza, CP, Dj George's Pulse, Dj Phi-Phi, TYRLL


Friday: Mees Dierdorp, Nukov & Yelmet, Clerkie, Honey Slave vs Joey Payne, Seyn Saimen // Saturday: Matthias Tanzmann, Luna City Express, Chris Tietjen, East end Dubs, Ilario Liburni, Die Clique, Nathan Oye vs Geoff Wichmann, Matt Funkk, Olivier Huntemann, Shaded (live), D-Nox, Mollono Bass (live), Holger Hecler, Antonia Ponti, Ode Maen & Massaar, Whizz, Ishtar, Zolex (live), Yves Deruyter, Olivier Pieters, Phi Phi, Quincy, Marko De La Rocca, Philippe Traikos, Franky Jones, Youri Parker, Mike Thompson, CP, Michael Forzza, Johnny D, Igor Vicente, Sons of Tiki, Gols, Hulex, Private Seven // Sunday: Uone, Mimi Love, Luca Doobie, Filipa Lazary, Robyns & Markey, Deejames, Oxia, Vision Machine, Throb Circle, Iris Menza, Solina, Linear Straight, Emok, D-Nox, Kanan K7, Yeti, Santiago Franch, Nico Morano, Leesa, Maxim Lany, Sous, Endove