The Campsite

Day Date Timing Activities
Friday 4/8/2017 13:00 Opening Campsite Parking
    13:30 Opening Ticket Office
    14:00 Start Campsite Check-in
    14:00 - 23:00 Start Camper / Caravan Check-in
Saturday 5/8/2017 08:00 - 13:00 Opening Foodtruck
    10:00 - 12:00 Wake-Up Session
    02:00 - 04:00 After-Party
Sunday 6/8/2017 08:00 - 13:00 Opening Foodtruck
    10:00 - 12:00 Wake-Up Session
    00:30 - 02:00 After-Party
Monday 7/8/2017 07:00 - 11:59 Start Campsite Check-out
    07:00 - 11:59 Start Camper / Caravan Check-out
    12:00 Closing Campsite

You can review the most current version of the timeline at any time on this page. We reserve the right to modify the contents of this timeline at any time, but we have no obligation to update any information on our site or inform visitors of the website about the changes.

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Camping Cirque

For the real camping lovers!

If you have access to the camping, you can use all facilities you like. We have showers, toilets, BBQ areas, foodtrucks, bars, lockers and off course the first day of the Festival (Friday).

Access to the camping is included in the following tickets:
- Full Circus Experience
- Camping Only

Get your ticket!


Ready-made Camping Tents and Gear!

Forget about the hassle at the car park, dragging your camping gear to the entrance, the fight with your tricky tent, ... Just bring your ‘festival essentials’ and enjoy by booking a FestiTent!

FestiTent rents ready-made camping tents and gear at your favourite festivals. Choose between 1, 2 or 4 people packages online and we will take care of the rest. We will put everything ready so you can start your amazing weekend at Cirque Magique.

You still need a valid Camping Ticket to enter the campsite!

Get your FestiTent

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Camper Upgrade

For the luxury camping lovers!

You can bring your own home on wheels at Cirque Magique and camp like a pro. We have a limited number of spots provided with electricity where you can park your camper and enjoy the festival with the comfort of your own facilities. Caravans are welcome as well!

Arrival obligated on Friday 3/8 between 14h00 and 23h00!
Leaving obligated on Monday 6/8 between 7h00 and 12h00!
Each resident still needs a valid Camping Ticket to enter the campsite!

Get your camper voucher!

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Private Group Area

Did you gather your festival squad already?

Small or larger groups get the opportunity to get their your own private area. Your personal, fenced camp area for only you and your friends. It comes with:

  • A private zone for your group only
  • Stay Small = 70m2 (5 > 8 persons) or
    Go Large = 110m2 (8 > 15 persons)
  • Your private dixi toilet with lock
  • Electricity (don't forget that phone charger!)
  • Private group BBQ zone

Each resident still needs a valid Camping Ticket to enter the campsite!

Get your own group area!

How to Get There

Cirque Magique, situated in the West of Flanders, is quit easy to reach by car, train, bus and even by bike for locals. Need directions? We'll give you them!

By Public Transport

Getting to our festival on a safe way is possible by public transport.
– Step 1: Take a train to 'Roeselare' Station. To check what train you can take, visit:
– Step 2: Take bus 54 direction Roeselare-Beitem-Menen, exit at busstop "Ledegem Sint-Pieter". More info on:
– Step 3: Follow your eyes & ears!

By Car

If you follow your GPS: enter following adress: Ledegem, Sint Pieterstraat, once there, follow the signs.

From Roeselare:

Follow N32 direction Ledegem, and there follow the signs.

– From Courtrai (Kortrijk):
Follow R8, A19 & N32 direction Ledegem Sint Pieterstraat
Follow the signs

– From Ghent/Antwerp:
Follow E17 direction N23 Menen. Exit 2 Menen from A19.
Follow N32 direction Sint Pieterstraat Ledegem.
Follow the signs.

– From Bruges:
Follow E403 direction Rijksweg/N36 Roeselare. Exit 6 Roeselare-Rumbeke from E403.
Follow Rijksweg/N36 & N32 direction Sint Pieterstraat Ledegem.
Follow the signs.

– From Brussels:
Follow E40 & E17 direction N32 Menen. Exit 2 Menen from A19.
Follow N32 direction Sint Pietersstraat
Follow the signs.

General Campsite Regulations

These campsite regulations apply as "internal regulation" at the Cirque Magique campsite. Anyone who buys a campsite ticket declares thereby that they agree to the following campsite rgulations.

The campsite opens on Friday, August 3th, 2018 at 14h00 and you mist leave the premises on Monday, August 6th before 12h00. As a visitor, you can be searched for illegal or dangerous items. Access will be denied to those who not co-operate, without refund of any fees.

Campers can use the following services: toilets, showers, running water, electricity point, camping shop, etc. There is no power supply for camping visitors with tents (execpt for private group areas).

Only visitors with a valid camping bracelet are allowed at the campsite. The campsite is strictly fobidden for people under the age of 18. People who will become 18 in the year the festival takes place, are also welcome to come & celebrate. Camping visitors must check-in at the cash registiers at the entrance of the campsite. ID and age will be checked.

Forbidden on the campsite

Always follow the guidelines from the campsite hosts, security and emergency services. In case of discussion, the manager of the campsite has the final word. Use your common sense and don't bring other in danger!

Please follow the instructions from the campsite hosts while placing tents and keep emergency exits, emergency paths and passageways free. Follow the instructions; otherwise you can assemble your tent twice! The campsite hosts can move misplaced tents without permission of the owner.

Always keep the safety route free. Tents on this road will be moved without notice.

Campsite visitors stay at their own risk on the premises overnight. The organisation is not responsible for any physical or material damage.

When you violate the rules above, you lose the right to residence at the campsite without refund of any fees.

Additional Regulations for Caravans & Campers

The special caravan/camper ampsite is only accessible if you are in possession of a 'Camper Voucher' AND a valid camping ticket for every person. The camping voucher and camping tickets are for sale in advance via the official ticketshop of Cirque Magique.

Camper/Caravan area can only be reached on Friday the 3th of August between 14h00 and 23h00. At 23h00 the entrance gate closes and campers/caravans are no longer allowed eventhough there is a valid voucher.

A caravan/camper pitch is maximum 18m2 (6m x 3m). If your vehicle/set-up is wider and/or longer than 3m x 6m please contact our organisation by mail

Placing a tent near your caravan/camper is allowed as long as you remain within your assigned section of 3m x 6m

Only vehicles who are actually registered as "camping vehicle" are allowed. No temporarily converted vehicles (example: a van with a mattress in it is not allowed).

Cars are not permitted on the premises. You are allowed to place your caravan on your assigned section but you must park the car afterwards on the camping parking.

The general camping regulations also apply to the caravan and camper areas. No sound systems, no gas, no excessive amount of alcohol, no glass, no fireworks, no sofas, no bikes, etc.