The Festival

Day Date Timing Activities
Friday 3/8/2018 15:30 Opening Ticket Office
    16:00 Opening Festival
    03:00 Closing
Saturday 4/8/2018 11:30 Opening Ticket Office
    12:00 Opening Festival
    02:00 Closing
Sunday 5/8/2018 11:30 Opening Ticket Office
    12:00 Opening Festival
    12:00 - 18:00 Kids Magique (More info)
    00:00 Closing

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How to Get There

Cirque Magique, situated in the West of Flanders, is quit easy to reach by car, train, bus and even by bike for locals. Need directions? We'll give you them!

By Public Transport

Getting to our festival on a safe way is possible by public transport.
– Step 1: Take a train to 'Roeselare' Station. To check what train you can take, visit:
– Step 2: Take bus 54 direction Roeselare-Beitem-Menen, exit at busstop "Ledegem Sint-Pieter". More info on:
– Step 3: Follow your eyes & ears!

By Car

If you follow your GPS: enter following adress: Ledegem, Sint Pieterstraat. Once there, follow the signs.

– From From Roeselare: Follow N32 direction Ledegem, and there follow the signs.

– From Courtrai (Kortrijk): Follow R8, A19 & N32 direction Ledegem Sint Pieterstraat. Follow the signs

– From Ghent/Antwerp:
Follow E17 direction N23 Menen. Exit 2 Menen from A19.
Follow N32 direction Sint Pieterstraat Ledegem.
Follow the signs.

– From Bruges:
Follow E403 direction Rijksweg/N36 Roeselare. Exit 6 Roeselare-Rumbeke from E403.
Follow Rijksweg/N36 & N32 direction Sint Pieterstraat Ledegem.

– From Brussels:
Follow E40 & E17 direction N32 Menen. Exit 2 Menen from A19.
Follow N32 direction Sint Pietersstraat.

General Festival Regulations

The following rules apply to the festival area. For full regulations, please read our Term & Conditions carefully. By buying a festival ticket or accessing the festival or campsite, you conform yourself to the general rules & conditions of Cirque Magique

  1. Tickets and Access to the festivities

    1. We strongly discourage to buy tickets from other people, as we cannot guarantee the validity of the ticket being sold. The name on this ticket cannot be changed! Guesttickets cannot be resold, if the name on the ticket does not match the name on the ID, the organization reserves the right to deny access (even with a mandate of the original owner).
      You can sell your ticket to friends or family but please be aware of the Belgian law regarding reselling tickets!
      More info go to: (in Dutch / in French)
    2. The entrance ticket can be exchanged at the entrance for a festival wristband. The organization is allowed and will check the identity of the attendants. If you are not able to show a valid identity, access to the festival or camping can be denied without the right to refund the entrance fee. A valid identity is an international identity card or a valid driver license. Copies will not be accepted.
    3. Take good care of your wristband, as the organization & other partners are not responsible for loss of theft of your ticket or wristband. Security and organization can deny access to anybody who looks intoxicated by alcohol, drugs or any other substances.
    4. The minimum age is 18 years. People who will become 18 in the year the festival takes place, are also welcome to come & celebrate.
    5. The security can ask all festival visitors of the same sex to voluntarily submit themselves to an inspection of clothing and bags in order to check for items that may harm other people or the environment. The security guards have the right to confiscate any objects that might be harmful and may call the police if needed.
    6. By purchasing a ticket you waiver any damage claims for whatever reason, towards the venue management, the organization or any third party involved in the organization.
    7. By entering the venue you agree with possible artist cancellations and exposure to sound volumes.
    8. Once you leave the venue, it's permanent.
    9. Footage (film & photo) will be made on the events. Buying a ticket and entering Cirque Magique grants us the use of images for future promotion.
    10. Next items are forbidden on the festival site:
      1. Own drinks or own food;
      2. Bottles or glasses;
      3. Drugs or other stimulants (people who require medication for medical reasons must be in possession of a medical certificate);
      4. Deodorant or perfumes and other sprays;
      5. Inflammable products or pyrotechnical objects;
      6. Weapons, sharp or bruising objects;
      7. Banners, items, clothing, gadgets with discriminating and/or provocative text and/or expressions.;
      8. Any devices considered dangerous by security or organization;
      9. Animals (except for Guide dogs);
      10. Any professional cameras, audio equipment or drones, without permission of the organization;
    11. Next items are allowed on the festival site:
      1. Simple pocket cameras;
      2. Blankets to sit on;
      3. Guide dogs;
      4. Sunscreen (maximum size of 50ml);
      5. Small bags or backpacks to store personal items;
      6. Medication with medical certificate;
      7. Lots of love & pleasure!;